Precautionary Actions

  • Wipe off all spills and liquids immediately.
  • Make sure appliances are correctly installed and insulated.
  • Avoid proximity to radiators, heaters or mobile heating units.
  • Protect surfaces when using sharp tools or cumbersome equipment.

Day to Day Care

Surfaces should be cleaned with a soft, non-abrasive cloth that has been lightly dampened with a mild soapy solution, followed by a wipe down with a soft, dry and non-abrasive cloth.

Avoid all cleaning compounds with ammonia or alcohol or other alkaline reagents.

For wood veneers, orange oil or orange wax may be used infrequently by applying to a clean, non-abrasive cloth, and not directly on the wood surface. It’s always best to test a small spot of the back of a door or drawer face to be sure there are no adverse effects.

When using the self-cleaning function on your oven, open all door and drawers in adjacent cabinets to allow excess heat to escape.

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