IKEA-Related Questions

Do you have any affiliation with IKEA?

We are not affiliated or associated with IKEA in any way. All our doors and parts are meant to accessorize IKEA cabinet systems.

Which IKEA cabinet systems do SwitchDoor products accessorize?

We make doors that fit both old and new IKEA cabinetry systems.

Do you copy IKEA door styles?

No, all our door styles are different and are not a copy of the IKEA doors.

Are there any major differences between SwitchDoor parts and IKEA parts?

The main difference between SwitchDoor panels and IKEA panels is that ours are 3/4″ thick and theirs are 1/2″ and 5/8″ thick.

Please note that unless requested, our panels are oversized to account for irregularities in walls, floors and ceilings. They are meant to sit slightly proud of the cabinet facing for the most built-in look. Base and tall panels are meant to go directly to the floor, so you will likely need a table saw and chop-saw.

What if I’d just like to replace a few doors for my older kitchen?

We don’t copy IKEA’s old or new door styles. We’d suggest trying other stores, Ebay or searching the web to find older cabinet doors.

Do all your fronts come in the sizes IKEA offers?

Yes, we make all the sizes they offer as well as some additional sizes of drawer fronts to expand your design options. We offer 7 1/2″ drawers in all sizes, as well as drawers to fit 21″ IKEA frames. For these you will be required to make some modifications and buy drawer boxes for a 24″ cabinet and cut down the bases and backs.

Is everything pre-drilled to accept IKEA hardware?

Yes. All the doors, drawer faces and plinths / toe kicks are pre-drilled to exact IKEA Blum hardware specifications.

Do you offer dishwasher, refrigerator and other custom-sized appliance panels?

Yes, but we need your appliances specs. Note: all panels are made to recommended manufacturer specified dimensions, but drilling for attachment to the particular appliance is the responsibility of the customer or installer. (Industry standard templates come with the appliance instructions.)

If we pick out door handles or drawer pulls will you pre-drill the holes for them?

Sorry, no. Decorative hardware drilling is best done on site.

Do you offer base, wall or tall panels?

Yes we do. We refer to them as cover panels and we have a greater selection of sizes to accommodate your design requirements.

Materials & Finishes

What are SwitchDoor products made of?

Our solid wood doors are made from kiln dried North American select lumber. The panels on these doors are solid wood veneer on MDF. Our slab doors are a core of MDF or particle board.

If you have a specific question on a particular door please email us at info@switchdoor.com.

What type of edges are on the doors?

All of our slab doors have a 1 mm edge applied by the very latest laser edgebander technology. This is the best way to apply edges with a practically invisible glue line. It is the most sophisticated piece of machinery in the workshop, but absolutely necessary to produce the quality that we offer.

Can I match your finish?

Our finish is a solvent based (not water based) conversion varnish made by Acroma. It is a commercial grade not available for purchase on store shelves. It needs to be heated before using, applied with professional spray equipment and is heated again while drying to accelerate and activate the hardening process. For these reasons, achieving our exact finish isn’t likely unless you go to a professional finisher.

Some clients may have success with store-bought lacquers and polyurethanes. We suggest practicing on the back of a piece of trim before final application if you decide to do the finishing yourself.

Do you offer a stained finish?

No. Staining generally refers to a process used to darken veneer or solid lumber, which may amplify or mute the natural tones in the wood. As we love the wood in its natural, non-enhanced state, we don’t stain the doors and all of our veneers have a clear coat finish to maintain the tree’s natural beauty. If you would like to stain the doors yourself, we offer all of or wood door profiles in an unfinished maple ready for you to stain and finish.

Does SwitchDoor offer painted doors?

Yes, we do. Currently we paint our maple doors in a choice of five profiles in three colours, Chantilly Lace, Cloud White and Oxford White.

Should I be concerned about the white, brown or birch cabinet edges showing?

No. Neutral edges are standard with European cabinetry, as is a 1/4″ to 3/32″ reveal between the doors and drawer faces. You’ll only notice the gap if you look very closely. For anything that is exposed, such as the sides of cabinets and adjustable feet, we offer matching panels and plinths / toe kicks for a completely custom look.

Design Options / Ordering Doors

Can I design my kitchen myself?

Yes! Click here for IKEA’s free and easy to use 3D Kitchen Planner. Then choose one of the three options on our home page [check what we want them to do].

Can I work with other design programs or an architect?

Yes, you can use a tool like SketchUp or other architectural software as long as elevations with dimensions are included and are sent in PDF or JPEG format. Even hand drawings will work if they are legible! We will then generate a design on IKEA’s site for you. When you have confirmed that design we will generate an order of our doors for you including cover panels and toe kicks.

Where do I use cover panels, fillers, toe kicks and deco strips?

[Robert’s graphic]

If I modify a cabinet, can you make me a custom door or drawer size?

It depends on the cabinet in question. Usually the answer is yes. For pricing choose the nearest size of door that we offer, choose the larger, not smaller size and add 15%.

What if I have a kitchen or bathroom from someone else. Can you make doors for that?

Yes we can – please email info@switchdoor.com. This is done on a case by case project. You need to be confident on measuring old doors accurately as it is those dimensions the doors will be made from.

Do you offer custom cabinets?

Not yet.

What if I want something really custom? Can you send me unfinished parts that match the rest of the kitchen so I can find someone local to make it?

Depending on the parts, we often can create something really custom. Please contact us at info@switchdoor.com to discuss.


My layout is compete. What do I do next?

The next step is to order directly from our site. We offer different levels of help depending on your comfort level.

What is the lead time on orders?

Lead time on orders is typically 4-5 weeks.


Where do you ship?

At this time, we only ship within Canada.

How is my order shipped?

All SwitchDoor products are completely insured against damage and shipped via LTL (a private shipper with Less-Than-A-Truckload). Please plan accordingly. White glove service and inside delivery are not available. For additional questions on delivery please contact us at info@switchdoor.com.

What if something arrives damaged?

Next to getting your order right, making sure it arrives in perfect condition is our top priority. We take great care in packing everything and are confident in our shipping arrangements. We ask all customers check their delivery upon arrival and notify us of any problems within three business days. Proof of damage is vital, so please take photos and save all packing material.

Please note that any physical damage to the outside of packaging must be photographed and reported to customer service at info@switchdoor.com within 24 hours.

All damage claims are void if not reported to Switchdoor within three business days of delivery.

Can I pick up my order?

No. In order to keep our costs low, our business is very streamlined, and we are not offering pick up at this time.

Is there a size limit to what SwitchDoor can ship?

To prevent damage, the maximum length of any SwitchDoor products we ship is 96″, so if you need something taller it will come in two pieces. Please note that there will be a seam.

Returns & Order Cancellations

What if I want to cancel my order?

We allow clients 48 hours to cancel their order. Cancellation fees and credit card processing fees may apply.

Do you accept returns?

SwitchDoor takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our attention to detail, material and construction is important to us, as is our commitment to customer satisfaction.

As all our products are made to order, we are unable to offer returns. We will rectify manufacturer related defects if communication is received by Switchdoor within three business days of order delivery, including original proof of purchase as well as photographs to clearly show faults or damage.

Care & Cleaning

How do I care for my doors?

Use a damp cloth with non-abrasive soap to clean your cabinets, and dry immediately with a soft cloth. Never leave any water standing on cabinet surfaces. Orange oil or wax is also effective, as is a mineral spirit, though it must be used sparingly.

For more information, visit our Care & Cleaning page.

SwitchDoor Warranty

What warranty do you offer on doors?

SwitchDoor offers a two year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Everyday wear and tear including heat or water damage, scratches or fading are not covered. Please see Warranty.