SwitchDoor + IKEA – A Great Combination

Did you know that you can purchase IKEA kitchen cabinets, Pax wardrobes, and Godmorgan vanities WITHOUT the doors, drawer fronts, & panels?

Purchase cost-effective, standard cabinets / wardrobes / vanities from IKEA, and your doors, door fronts and panels from SwitchDoor to get a custom look for a fraction of the cost of a fully custom renovation!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Drawers & Fronts

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Godmorgan Vanities

The SwitchDoor product line includes drawer fronts and doors for the Godmorgan vanities range. Our drawers and doors are manufactured the same size as those from IKEA, and they are drilled identically as the IKEA components for quick and assembly. Some of our clients choose to order SwitchDoor drawer fronts and use the range of countertops offered at IKEA.

Greater Sink & Faucet Options!

SwitchDoor offers a design solution that many people have been asking about for a long time – how to adapt IKEA Godmorgan vanities to accept sinks purchased from suppliers other than IKEA. To do this the frame needs to be deeper to accept most sinks and a faucet. SwitchDoor has solved this problem – feel free to email us at info@switchdoor.com and we will send you our installation solution.

More Useable Top Drawer Space

SwitchDoor also offers a plumbing solution that is the same as IKEA where the sink drain turns at 90 degrees to go to the back of the cabinet, where the “P” trap is installed. This allows for more useable space in the top drawer.

Please note that each installation is different due to sink options, and we cannot guarantee how much space will be available in the top drawer.

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Pax Wardrobe System

SwitchDoor is excited to offer our complete line of styles for IKEA’s Pax wardrobe system. SwitchDoor solves two limitations of the Pax system: door size options and available finishes. When purchasing a complete Pax wardrobe, the 75cm frame must be purchased with a 50cm door and a 25cm door. Unfortunately the 25cm door does not come in all of IKEA’s already limited finishes.

Switchdoor has solved this problem – we offer both 50cm and 25cm doors in all our styles. In addition, ffer two equal sized doors for the 75cm frame in all our finishes. These doors are 37.5cm and available in both heights, 201cm and 236cm.

All Switchdoor products are drilled identically as for IKEA hinges. We’ll also supply you with better hinges (our doors are thicker than IKEA’s, and their hinges are not designed for thicker doors). You also have the choice of 110 degree or 155 degree hinges.

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